Alternative & Holistic Fair

                  A Special Thanks

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  

William Arthur Ward

 I wish to thank everyone who trusts enough each fair to come and make the Alternative & Holistic Fair a success.  But I need to acknowledge a few people who really go above and beyond.   These are VOLUNTEERS who take time out of their lives to be at the fair to help it run smoothly.

 First, THE MAN, George!   It was a blessing one fair when I was running around trying to get things done by myself.   I was at the admission table when a situation came up on the floor.   I looked around and saw George reading his book and asked if he could watch the front desk for a “few” minutes.  He said sure!  Off I went running!  An hour later , I was headed back to the table panicked that I left George alone at the front desk for so long when I  saw George handling things quite nicely.  Without George, who is the first person everyone sees at the door, there would be chaos!   He keeps everything running smoothly at the admission table even when everyone wants in at once!  He’s the man!  Thank you George!

 Second blessing, the setup crew!   Again doing things by myself with the fair evolving, I was sent an email by a person who had heard a rumor that the fairs were going to stop. He volunteered himself and his friends to help in anyway they could to keep the fairs going.   I assured him the fair was going strong but if he wanted to I could use help in setting up the floor.   The setup was always a challenge.  It was hard to find at least one other person to help me set the tables up and took at least 4 hours or more.  George would come to help but I wanted him fresh for the door!   Setup morning came and I had bribed a friend to come help.   When I got to the fair there stood Andy and a few buddies.   I was delighted.   I handed the floor layout to him and then the centers manager needed to see me.   I told Andy to start and I’ll be back in a “few”.   I sent my friend to put out our sign in front.   Well, an hour later I came back and the floor was DONE!   I was amazed, shocked and had free time!    Since then Andy and the setup crew tries to break their hour time!   CREW:  Andy, Heather, Chad, Marisa , John, Garrison.   Thank you crew!

 Third blessing, webmaster!   I had been working on trying to get this togetheri for about 2-3 years but never found anyone who would take it on.   I had been getting numerous requests for our website so people could check dates and lecture schedules.  Makes sense to me!   BUT again trying to do things by myself………things were moving very slow.   I was sitting at the computer one day trying to learn about putting a site together and talking with friends online that were trying to “help”.   I got frustrated and sat back thinking “this ain’t going to happen.”  When I noticed that our resident astrologer was online.   Totally joking out of frustration I sent her a chat asking if she knew anything about websites.  Her reply was sure I took a few classes.   JOKINGLY I asked if she wanted to do a website for Alternative & Holistic Fair.  The reply was “SURE!”.  I sat back up and asked are you sure?    You bet!   So Natalie became our webmaster and got us online.   Thank you Natalie!


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